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 Searching for the Ox

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Searching for the Ox Empty
PostSubject: Searching for the Ox   Searching for the Ox Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 6:51 am

I. Searching for the Ox

Alone in the wilderness, lost in the jungle,
the child is searching, searching!
The swelling waters, the far-away mountains,
and the unending path;
Exhausted and in despair, not knowing
where to go,
Only hearing the evening cicadas singing in
the maple-woods.

Searching for the Ox Fantasy-waterfall
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Searching for the Ox Empty
PostSubject: Re: Searching for the Ox   Searching for the Ox Icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 8:31 pm

in awe...

Searching for the Ox Lascaux-aurochs
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Searching for the Ox
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