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 One Love philosophy

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Starfleet Commander

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PostSubject: One Love philosophy   Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:48 pm

I ran across this idea on another Forum.

I went there to see if I could get some ideas of making this forum better and to see if I could find some people I would like to see post and participate here. It appears the forum was created by quite a few people working together, and one of the themes is about this "One Love philosophy."

I found this interesting and to my liking, and so I made a topic on it and responded in my own way to the idea.
I haven't yet had any responses, but someone there did make the topic a "Sticky" and I do intend to pursue it.

Late one night I caught the glimpse of my true love's eyes
and I realized it was time to get to know who she truly is

I closed my eyes and I went inside, and my mind
became as the deep pool in the creek
reflecting the loveliness of the moon-light

But a part of my mind was still quite like
the rushing and gushing waterfall nearby
and I knew I would have to lose those thoughts as well
and as I did, I felt the freshness of raindrops on my skin
and I knew what she was like

Pure and fresh and new at every moment
and sweet and deep as the midnight sky

I felt a radiance within my heart and it grew so deep
that my heart was like a dam that just had to burst
and when it did, all my personal boundaries were shattered

The love flowed up to my eyes and down my cheeks
and mingled with the rain and my
true love and I were twain,
but really still one and the same
and then I knew..
She to be, the entirety of
all reality
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Starfleet Commander
Starfleet Commander

Posts : 340
Join date : 2009-05-20

PostSubject: Re: One Love philosophy   Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:25 am

Love be not dismayed

I love her this much. There is no "this" much
Time has beheld that which no fallacy can display
The power of it encompasseth the entirety
of worldly phenomenon. Love not allayed
flies on to higher skies, and higher heights
and it is very nice to be "in love" these days
A love that knows not boundaries
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One Love philosophy
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