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 Modern Human Expression Activism - Mayflow's Vision..

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PostSubject: Modern Human Expression Activism - Mayflow''s Vision..   Wed May 20, 2009 5:29 pm

Hello! My name' is Chaya! (your friendly moderator:)
Wecome to BreakAwayForum ,
Created and designed by Mayflow- who is a pioneer & expert in her field of 'Modern Human Expression Activism' bringing people together to feel comfortable enough to express themselves, learn from, grow with, and yes-even tolerate the viewpoints and lifestyles of others. Encouraging individuals to be just that...Individuals!

If you feel the need to "have it out" with someone, that's what the "FlameZone" is for. Let it out. SHOUT if you want to. But NO threats!

PLEASE READ... Due to he fact that self-expression and creative thinking may lead you to posting things that you may not want your family, friends, neighbors, and the people at work *shudders of horror* to read.!!!
If so, please use an original username! Not your actual name or nickname that people in your daily life know you by.
If you are using a computer that is shared by others, don't forget to clear "cookies" and all that jazz.
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Modern Human Expression Activism - Mayflow's Vision..
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