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 change and the interpersonal dynamics

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PostSubject: change and the interpersonal dynamics   Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:01 am

Without challenges we can not grow as effectively. It is our interpersonal relationships which are one test to determine our character, will power, and poise. If we react negatively them we act in an immature fashion.

I know these are generalizations, nonetheless they are a basis of my non- negative energy format. The more intense as well as negative the response the more hurt the individual is. Moreover we are angry. Still deeper is deeper dimensions of hurt as well as proportion.

I see an angry fellah and I see a sick individual. The individual is incomplete within and so fights the world. The true battle lays within. The challenge is to deal with life's challenges with more decorum. More rationality. More reason and much more of a logic base, and not allow our emotions to overrule us and make foolish decisions. Now this sounds easier said than done.

Moreover it is an ideal to live up to. Romana differentiates between our feelings and then the actions we take. We can say, "But it Hurts, or it isn't fair." Fair enough, this is where problem solving skills come into play. The more rational a person is, the less distorted they are, and hopefully more balanced and happy as well.
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change and the interpersonal dynamics
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