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 Starting The Path

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Starfleet Commander
Starfleet Commander

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PostSubject: Starting The Path   Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:18 am

If Sri Aurobindo has given us a vision of where humanity is headed -- i.e. towards a Divine Life on earth -- then what is his path that will take us from here to there? If we are ignorant, divided forms, seeking to rediscover the unity of our being and life itself -- as Sri Aurobindo believed -- then what is the path that will take us from our current state of division, duality, conflict, and contradiction to the state of oneness, perfection, and unity of being?

Before we answer this question, it would be helpful to know why we were born divided, ignorant forms. In The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo indicates that an Infinite Consciousness and Being wished to extend its own Delight into a universe of forms. Interestingly, it did so by withdrawing its own highest consciousness in those forms. Thus, when the forms, -- in particular, we humans -- discover our higher nature, our soul being within and the spirit around u, we experience the Delight for which we were created. Thus, only through a willed reduction in consciousness in creation was the discovery of Delight possible. Only by starting with Ignorance could we experience the joy of true knowledge.

Still the question remains; how do we move from our divided nature to a higher consciousness? How do we overcome our Ignorance and evolve in consciousness so that we can become realized beings, and therefore perhaps forerunners of a new spirit-oriented humanity? Is there a process we can follow? A path from here to there?
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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
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Jonathan Ainsley Bain

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PostSubject: Re: Starting The Path   Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:21 am

in Ras Tafari, we are lead purely by our own direct communion with the divine
intermediaries play their role, but ultimately only you can decide for yourself
what the true path is

Jah guide,
but all we can ever do
is follow the feeling

in Christianity we are taught that it is for God to make things hidden
and for Kings to uncover them

life is like an easter-egg hunt,
truly were it not for our ignorance,
we would never experience the joy of discovery

ultimately all suffering is perspective

in developmental psychology we learn of 'object permanence'
when the child first discovers
that because she cannot see the thing
does not mean that it is gone

when the spirit first apprehends
reality beyond our mortal world

then death of loved ones truly is
just a bit of sadness
to make the love
more poignant

Karly Jung attributes his entire contribution to psychology
to his african experience
not that i'm a tourist marketeer, but

unless you've smelt eden herself
elephant dung

you've only been living in a fascade of reality
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Starfleet Commander
Starfleet Commander

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PostSubject: Re: Starting The Path   Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:30 pm

Born to be free
Born to be wild
The child of nature
The child of the true

... This is me and others
and this is me and..
this is...
Chop wood, carry water, do what seems most right in every moment, and you will have my heart.

~ May ~
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PostSubject: Re: Starting The Path   

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Starting The Path
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