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 Lost Poetry

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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
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Jonathan Ainsley Bain

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PostSubject: Lost Poetry   Lost Poetry Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 11:46 am

before dissident philosophy got hacked i had managed to save some
poems on flash stick for later reading at home
(i live in a tiny african village with 3 medium band computers and 52 churches so i use the i-cafe)

i neglected to write down who wrote what so i'm not sure
who is the author of which poem
so its kind of a game for the reader to figure it out

some are probably elsewhere on the net
but some were spur of the moment stuff

luckily i saved them

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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
:SPOCK: - Ship's physicist.
Jonathan Ainsley Bain

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Poetry   Lost Poetry Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 11:48 am

but i left them at home
so i'll bring them next time
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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
:SPOCK: - Ship's physicist.
Jonathan Ainsley Bain

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Poetry   Lost Poetry Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2013 5:18 am

Flowers are much like people I think. Rooted in the Earth, nurtured by waters, living
in the air and warmed by sunshine. I don't know if they can think and dream like we can,
but I do know that we can.

For ten thousand years I roamed
Just to make this Earth my Home
For a million lifetimes I learned
That whatever we get, we've earned

Now I'm sittin' on the dock of a Bay
That so few else can see
and when I look into the skies
I know that I'm so Free

Just a sittin' on the dock of the Bay
That so Few now can see
Loving Time, Just Loving time
and what it has done for me

Flowers speak to me
They flow. They come and go
and their love is everywhere
for everyone


Sitting by the bay watching a string quartet
Feet in the water I watch them play
People pass me by in this little factory in Austin
wondering why I'm always smiling

They think the ocean's too far away from Austin
to see from here, and they didn't see the
beautiful snowfall the other day either
because they think it is just too warm here for that

The other day I broke a tooth and felt a scorpion's sting
One said go to the doctor, another said the dentist
I said I'll have an ice cold beer here, for it is not
every day that God kisses me full on the lips like this!

So I did, and I watched the Devas dance a NEW dance
while the winged Angels played
in harmony with the stringed quartet.
Interesting place, this Austin


White in daylight
Black at night
Sweetness of each time

Not bound by time
No soul knows lies!

Lies are not with soul!
Souls are whole lights
Leaving no shadows behind

It is not the blackness
I find blinding!
It's the light


Well, she was the craziest thing that I ever did see
You can't know what she did to me
She was a one eyed crazy very strange girl
and she set my crazy Heart awhirl

She licked a toad and threw it in a pond
then held a frog and said "you can't hold me!"
She gave it a kiss and then set it free
and said "My Baby, you can't hold me!"

She cupped an injured bird into her hand
and when she set it free, it never did land
I asked her where it went
She said "The promised land"

I asked if I could get there too
and then she held out her hand
Then she took me up in a tree
and pushed me out and said "Fly Free!"

I fell to the Earth and I broke some bones
Then she picked me up and she took me home
I said I was sorry I didn't fly high
She said "You must kiss the Earth before the sky!"


Cornucopia of Love

So many ones, gone on, dying over and over
In the world not knowing but a body, a personality
they cling to words, ideas both sweet and sour
I cried for them at first, but my tears were worthless
grains of salt and nothing more
Experiencing not the beauties
Emptiness of love they are
Offered life, they choose the sorrows...

Please take my smile and share
There is more than enough for everyone

~Dedicated to Lori Brock, a recently earthly departed.
There are so many of them, aren't there?
I'll do another poem for them to set their Spirits free.


To travel on

When the Earthly lore is left
Don’t worry for too long
You have been called to a higher life form

You learned a lot on Earth
now, you get get a chance to review
your lessons

and then my super sweet darlings
to move on



If you try to belittle me
that is free for you to do

I put it on special shelf
so the next time you look in a mirror
it'll come back to you
as a reflection of yourself.

If to be nice to me you choose
I have the same shelf
and the same mirror
One way you win (the latter)
One way you lose.

It is your shelf and your mirror to choose.





Fantasies over-ride and dreams enchant with lovely themes
beyond any thoughts that could be thought
the world bespeaks of right and wrong
and it seems to be that, "naw" it can't be that

So where does it all lead? Carried on by non-thoughts
with non-understandings, Moving along
carried along by the winds of the Universes' songs
Wandering on by letting loose of poor ego's wants

Maybe then there are new thoughts to be thought?


Love for One

Feel the intensity of Love for
it has just begun
It will break your heart
over and over again
until you become one
with its forces and then
you will wonder
why you were so blind before
Love is love and Love for all,
not only Love for one.

Words are sweetest when your love speaks them
with her heart or with her eyes
words can make somebody happy
or they can make somebody cry

Now listen dear yes listen to me
and remember what I said
When you speak your words in anger
they will fall on my heart like lead

When you speak any words in envy
they'll lie heavy on my mind
and any words of jealousy
my dear I fear are just unkind

But when you speak in love my honey
I love you more with passing time


As a little girl looked inside
with her eyes open so wide
she cried and said I want happiness
so she learned and she dropped the "I"
and she dropped the "want"
and what do you guess?
All that was left was happiness


Late one night I caught the glimpse of my true love's eyes
and I realized it was time to get to know who she truly is

I closed my eyes and I went inside, and my mind
became as the deep pool in the creek
reflecting the loveliness of the moon-light

But a part of my mind was still quite like
the rushing and gushing waterfall nearby
and I knew I would have to lose those thoughts as well
and as I did, I felt the freshness of raindrops on my skin
and I knew what she was like

Pure and fresh and new at every moment
and sweet and deep as the midnight sky

I felt a radiance within my heart and it grew so deep
that my heart was like a damn that just had to burst
and when it did, all boundaries were shattered

The love flowed up to my eyes and down my cheeks
and mingled with the rain and my
true love and I were twain,
but really still one and the same
and then I knew..
She to be, the entirety of
all reality


Good Times

Feeling the newness and the freshness of every moment
and being as sweet as the midnight sky
and then flying so high in the bright sunlight
and then being as one with the rain at night

and going higher than the mountains and then
deeper than the seas and then spending so much time
in the in-betweens, and then being the sweetness
of the darkness and then the radiance of the light

Yeah, it's all alright

(This was after the thunderstorm, the other night)


Sweet interchange. I said this and she said that and I had no idea
of what she meant and so I said "oh yeah"?
and she said "yes!" and I told her things I'd never said before
and she just smiled a smile, and I just lingered on
not knowing what else to do
Then I watched in my confusions
She flashed a thigh, (not a material thigh)
and I sighed, my heart enthralled, and I said "I.."
and she put her finger up to her lips and
hushed my silent quietude...
Maybe I've suffered a contusion?


I wonder if the garbage
that were thrown away
in the trash of yesterday
would possibly could
possibly become again
a most precious rose?

Lost in the false embrace of lust
could it possibly (somehow possibly)
fnd it's way back as love?

Of course, it is just a thought
a wish in the middle of lost hope.


Chances are chances are:


Lost in the middle of
the lost nights
not knowing what else to do
the bold ones go forth
and shine.

That's not so bad.
Touch a naked thigh
but oh so lightly.

Touch the naked heart?
Yeah, right.
I'd like to.

Chances are so slight, no?

Ask the Phoenix Bird


This one is written for something within:

It's been a long time sweet darling
so long since we've
encountered the true
It's been a long time sweet darling
and I have been missing you

It has been such a long time sweet baby
so much longer than I care to admit
It has been so long, now sweet honey
and yet and yet and yet
I still can't help loving you


The Mind of the Awakened
is clear and bright
as it thinks all day
and it thinks all night.

Every thought is let go
for new ones to come.
The asleep cannot go
where the Awakened have gone.


Never knew anyone like her, what was God doing?
How come He made only one?

That is not fair to those who don't know her
Where was His mind? Did He break the mold

thinking "Not even I can do better"?

He should have taken some notes
on what he had done

and followed the DNA to the letter

but I guess he wanted more diversity
and thought too much too much alikeness

would be a fetter

and of course no true god or goddess
likes to be fettered! :-)


Sure was a nice thunderstorm that
caused all those lightning strikes!

Makes me feel so all so good today..
I feel like sweet Magnolia trees

Flowers are all the sweeter in the
sweetness of the storm

Though they need the sunshine
in the norm

So now do the readers of the poem
understand the import of the norm

as being
in complement of the storm?


Love is as Love does
It knows no boundaries
It is beyond time, beyond relativities
It is beyond everything

How it becomes
we do not know
it is beyond insanities
Love is within
and is hard to show


I asked my momma something today and her reply was
503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.
I assume my mamma bird has pushed me out of the nest?
I won't ask why, but it is my turn to fly!
*banks a turn and flies into a tree*
I may have to take time to get used to this.


Beautiful angels who are now
staring bleakly into the moonlight
- I am sure they will be wakened up soon
-into the inner part of my heart?
-where they will gain inner insight
-and still this world's blight
-and together we will reform
everything into the paradise it was
meant to be from the start?

And here is how it is and why...
I am calling all Angels to fly!! :-)


Star alight, Star abright
Star said
I will light your world tonight!

The shards of the night exploded.
There was delight in the heavens
and the world was Alight.

Brighter than it ever had been.
Lightning Bolts shredded the night
and everyone was aloss to explain.

The star said "I have only started."

The night said "Nice Rain tonight"

"Surely is" I did agree!
(It is nice to like the night)


Love at twilight's golden glow
What better love to show?

When the morning Sun
in resplendent glow

Shines on the clouds
in color flows

The night becomes enriched
and every Angel knows

how beautiful it will be tonight
When every Angel goes to flight


Walking alone in the desert.

Have any of you gone walking in the desert?
Down long lonesome valleys?
All alone?
That is the way you should view your lives.
You want your nice
little niceties
and slippers to wear
to keep your little feeties warm
until you die.
That is a long cry from Freedom's light.

When an Eagle flies
She flies free in her flight


Speed up heart
don't just stand there!
My heart said

Huh, I am free at last

in love!

Damned stubborn heart
won't you just listen?

Apparently heart is at light speed already.


How much can I love her?
No way to explain
The touch of the sunshine
The touch of the rain

The sight of the trees
The skies up above
Yeah they all tell me of
The touch of my Love


My wings have lost their chains
my wings have lost their chains
now what ya gonna do but fly on free?

No more chains that bind me
no more chains that bind me
Love has set me free

An Eagle doesn't need an ego to fly
She just needs her wings to soar
on in to eternity

Of course as you all I know
I am speaking of the wings
of the soul! :-)


Searching for the Ox

Alone in the wilderness,
Lost in the jungle,
the child is searching, searching!
and -oh-so-lost

The swelling waters, the far-away mountains,
and the unending path;
Exhausted and in despair,
knowing not where her Heart leads next

She draws a deep breath
and Her Heart beats so
and her shadow begins to shine
as she refines what she is seeking to know

Where does the dear child go from here?
She follows her heart, to freedom's shore, right?
She hears the footsteps of Freedom
and beyond any fears, She sees the Light.


Seeing the Traces

By the stream and under the trees, scattered
are the traces of the lost;

The sweet-scented grasses are growing
thick -- did she find the way?

However remote over the hills and far
away the beast may wander,

Its nose reaches the heavens and no one
can conceal it.

You have to find that you can not contain
an uncontainable mind.


White Knights

Awwe, am I not the knight to save you?
Nawwe, could it be that I don't wanna be?
For who could it be to save another?

Now, one may say to me it's true
that someone made you feel as though they saved and healed you
but you're truly wrong to see this way

You saved yourself, my baby..
You don't need anyone my honey,
but it don't matter anyway....

Because it's true that
I will always be there if you do
My special Prowess as a Goddess


There is no beginning:
There is no end
The most clever artificer
has created this
cycle within
which we suspend


Now the child may seek to
herd the Ox, but if she uses the whip and tether
she will only succeed to separate herself
from him with that whip and tether,
and cause the animal to wander away again
and she will fall again into a world of defilements;

BUT!, When the ox is properly tended to,
with appropriate attention and love
he will grow pure and docile;
Without a chain, nothing binding, he will
by himself be her leader and her guide
and her follower

Nothing could be stronger
than this boundless binding
Nothing could surpass its
Nothing else could
touch her heart like this


We are lucky to live in a world with Flowers.
They are really quite magical you know.
Not everybody really gets it.
Not everyone knows that Fowers are us

Sometimes too busy with everyday worries
and cares about things of the temporal nature
to really fall in love with the wonderness
that surrounds us everywhere.

Life is so vivid and sparkling, and so complexly intricated.
Flowers are much like people I think.
Rooted in the Earth, nurtured by waters, living
in the air and warmed by sunshine.

I don't know if they can think and dream like we can,
but I do know that we can.


The sun arises this morning
it goes away sometimes
but arises again
I guess it's the same with flowers
and us human being as well?
I was born so young!
Now I grow and will
eventually decline
Will I rise again?

Some day far off
I know the Sun will
also decline
and I know that
I am different than this

I guess I am pretty
sure I am of an eternal
substance, and that even
most precious Diamonds
must envy me, and all the
others of us peoples as well
(if Diamonds could envy,
they would envy all of you and me
for the eternities we shine)

For we are not the flowers only
but we are the pure and pristine
essences of Flowerness it's very self

Hum Mane Padme Ohm -
The Jewel is in the heart of the Flower


Sweet Dream 1
I was in bed but on duty of some kind.
There was a leader and he was talking about something,
but I wasn’t paying attention.
I went to another area of the room and slept a little longer.
Then I got up and walked around and talked to a few people.
And I felt a bit stronger...

I asked if he thought he could take advantage
of me in my dream state and he seemed in fear.

I said "You do not mess with the Goddess around here!"
He apparently disappeared.


Fantasies over-ride and dreams enchant with lovely themes
beyond any thoughts that could be thought
The world bespeaks of right and wrong
and it seems to be that, "naw" it can't be that

So where does it all lead? Carried on by non-thoughts
with non-understandings, Moving along
carried along by the winds of the Universes' songs
Wandering on by letting loose of poor ego's wants

Maybe then there are new thoughts to be then thought?


The Cosmic Dance!

Ooo yeah, the cosmic dance
Its gonna be all the rage
Its gonna take over the world
That's what I say

Yes! Its the cosmic dance
to all the tunes that are played
by one winged wonders or
Beethoven's symphonies great

The music is here
Its in your head alright
If you don't know it
I will make it aright

Just do the Cosmic Dance!
Don't be afright
It is much easier than Romance
and not quite as contrite!

C'mon, you can do it alright!
Let's do the Cosmic dance tonight
If you dont want to, it's nothin' lost
I got ghosts in the building
that will all be good hosts

for the cosmic dance

I will dance with the moons
and the stars all aglow
for the rivers flowed over
so where else can I go?

Ill do the dance
Yes the cosmic dance
ooh hooo
It's the Cosmic Dance!


Love is as Love does
It knows no boundaries
It is beyond time, beyond relativities
It is beyond everything

Yes I am in love.

Trust me
To Love everything
is hard to achieve

Hope it is worth everything
when I get done

Because sometimes
it seems
I have to do this alone

Summertime dreams,
Wintertime schemes,
Autumn forlorn,
Springtime is born...

The falling leaves
have now
been reformed
Ain't life great?

I just can't wait
'till the snow falls again
because it's a hundred
freakin' degrees today!

Still, the stars are outside
(they're not all
in my head, now)
Or are they?

Either stars got in my eyes or rocks got in my head


On this clear clear night
There's such a beautiful sight
A new Star alight


Silence harkens upon
her hardened bows
The ship seems desolate now

Not one lost soul aware
that it is lost
to the waves of nothing

And yet there is nothing
that can stop her now, as
She moves into the night

So aware..

Knowing there is nothing
there and yet
She moves forward

With unabashioned Heart and Soul

Until this whole world
is all at one
within her passions

And until no single Soul
at all
is any longer lost:

With such wicked wicked
fashions does she
enterwine their hearts


The Freedom of the dream
This allows you access to everything
Don't shape the Dream
Just Fly free if you can
or just watch it unfold
as it may
Watch it and realize
it's you
It's the magic of you
Have you lost your Magic?
If you are old enough
to read these words
you very likely have
So what to do?

You feel lost now
don't you?

That is a good thing though

If you didn't dream or feel lost
You'ld be in a virtual
Prison made by a very narrow
and confined mind.

Don't worry, such a condition cannot last
such things too shall pass.

I tell you truths that you can surely see,
If not now, another day...
Don't worry, there are very many days

Now, let us begin

Horses can fly. They can be Golden colored with wings.
I have seen them to be sure.
NOW! Stop any scoffing!!! This is truth.
It may be beyond your present sight
but countless other things are as well
and the truth to tell
much of which you believe to be true
has not truth as it's light

Now a talking horse was speaking to me just today
It's golden wings on magnificant display!
Sure, its hard to concentrate on words
in the Beauties of such a sight
in such a benevolent light
and in such a beautiful sky!

So now that we have lost our train of thought
Let me begin again. We'll pretend it's all anew!


claim it if its yours!
or forever by named : anonymous
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Starfleet Commander
Starfleet Commander

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Poetry   Lost Poetry Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2013 3:24 pm

Yeah, those are all mine.
Mine to share.
No matter who you are
or where

I haven't posted all that much poetry here
but this idea of lost poetry
coupled with some other things
is currently appealing to me.

All the poetrys
All the Beauties
All the strangeness
in the mind

is never truly lost
The thoughts we think
The poetries we make
come back to haunt us sometimes

and sometimes
come back to free us
when previous beauties within
we re-find
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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
:SPOCK: - Ship's physicist.
Jonathan Ainsley Bain

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Poetry   Lost Poetry Icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 5:08 am

The lost poems that drift away
never to be read

Forgotten Souls singing words
and songs ripped to shred

Crumbling hearts that cracked
then bled

They exist within us forever
Their aspirations' eternal endeavor

Invisible to the night
we neglect their seems

Let them lie and wither in the shade
for we do not need to read
how they solemn, die,
these unafraid unborn dreams
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Poetry   Lost Poetry Icon_minitime

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Lost Poetry
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