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 Dark Energy

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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
:SPOCK: - Ship's physicist.

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PostSubject: Dark Energy   Tue Sep 03, 2013 4:21 pm

Dark Energy is spin which counters gravity. If spin were not a fundamental force of the universe, then the singularity which gave rise to the 'big bang' would not have been ripped apart in a uniform circular manner.

We can see spin as a necessary structure of the universe in many other places. Most of the orbits within our solar system are almost circular (apart from comets). This is proof that they had the same spinning origin.

Most orbits are on the ecliptic, once more showing their same starting position. The dynamics within solar system formation show this clearly. Random collisions form eccentric elliptical shapes like comets, whereas planetary orbits and the orbits of moons are almost circular.

Most stars are binary systems, which cannot happen through chance, thus they must have started as a single spinning body that split into two at the start of the universe. In some instances, one of the stars disintegrated, forming a solar system. The planets all spin on their own axis. Their axes are quite uniform along the ecliptic due to their common origin.

Spiral galaxies must consist of a pair of bodies whose orbits are near-circular due to their common origin. This is the only way to solve Rubin's problem. Rotation curves of spiral galaxies can only form due to a pair spinning in a uniform orbit. This pair could only be ripped apart during the early phase of the universe due to the centrifugal force which comes from spin. As they spin outwards, spiral galaxies shed their mass as Dark Matter.

This theorem solves the many-body-problem with the use of quantum gravity, which necesitates quantum time.

The big question being: was spin a force more powerful than gravity at the start of the universe, which has then subsided drastically? Or, has it vanished completely as a force, in which case all we observe is its fossilized shape in the movements of bodies which form circularized ellipses? Both theorems work mathematically.

If spin is an ongoing force then it could be a Cosmic Coriolus force, which performs a shaping effect on orbits. This would be much like the Earth shapes cyclones with its coriolus force caused by local spin around its axis.

The Cosmic Coriolus force would have to be much much weaker than gravity. In the same manner as the coriolus force on Earth is much weaker than the force of wind. Just enough to tip the scales in one direction over another, coriolus then accumulates.

However this force must be present in an axtra dimension. Just as the Earth spins in a three dimensional model to cause two dimesnsional spirals in clouds, so the Universe is spinning in four dimensions to cause three dimesnsionl circulation in all celestial bodies!

Dark Energy as spin also explains why biological organisms are spiraled in the same direction. This phenomenon is evidence for spin as an ongoing Cosmic Coriolus force. But if not, then the regularity of spirals in biological organisms would require such life to have formed right at the start of the Universe. This would be because spin as an ongoing force no longer exists.

Dark Energy is the innate spin within the early universe. Two objects spinning in unison will overcome their gravitational attraction and sustain circular orbital stability. It is extremely unlikely that a stable spinning pair will form due to randomness.

Thus they must have originated from a single spinning object to maintain uniform circularity. Their spin must have become so powerful as to force them apart beyond the pull of gravity. Thus, spin was increasing just before the big bang. This dynamic nature of the centrifugal force is calculated for moons, planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe as a whole.

I have shown that a star going nova and an unraveling process can produce very similar structures. The extent to which either occurs may vary, but the principle is the same: That a single solid object gives rise to smaller spinning objects. This is not at all the same as conventional theories which postulate dust clouds coagulating and somehow forming concentric circular shapes due to gravity and randomness.

Why is the Earth Spinning?

... because of the force at the very beginning
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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
:SPOCK: - Ship's physicist.

Posts : 257
Join date : 2013-02-14

PostSubject: Dark Matter   Tue Sep 03, 2013 4:23 pm

Dark Matter is shed from an orbiting pair of super massive bodies. Dark Matter has been detected with gravitational lensing. Dark Matter would therefore have to be baryonic in order to exhibit gravity and gravitational lensing. If Dark Matter is non-baryonic it would not have an atomic nucleus and therefore it would not be observable via gravitational lensing.

As matter is shed from the spinning pair of super massive bodies it eventually loses its luminosity. Because Dark Matter is 80% of the galactical mass, galaxies are 80% through their life-span. Eventually dark matter will swamp the entire universe making all solar systems non-viable for life.

The Data Model explains how Galactical Rotation Curves in Spiral Galaxies are formed due to twin centers of gravity.

Note how there is no velocity at the middle. The two centers of gravity move slower than the outer stars.

The laws of gravity do not need to be altered at all. Everything works according to the basic Newtonian law: g=m/r^2

As the Spiral Galaxy sheds its mass, the light it emits is eventually lost and a dark halo of mass then spirals out as Dark Matter.

The many-body-problem was solved in generating these models. The many-body-problem requires quantum gravity to be calculated with quantum time. Read more of this here:

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Dark Energy
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