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 Some of my own poetries

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PostSubject: Some of my own poetries   Some of my own poetries Icon_minitimeMon Feb 03, 2014 5:03 pm

The soul is not so blind as most egos are
It can step in a pile of garbage and smile
and see a new rose blooming
It can see the ones some call ugly
as unique parcels of sight.

While people can be loud, the soul
hears silence as booming
and the darkness as light.

The soul sees beyond the ego
into the realities of the depths
some may fear as
the darkness of night
and pronounces them
neither dark nor dumb
but the ringlets of the light

Souls are not complacent with the status quo
and are not limited
by the personal
nor the aggregate egos

but fly on their own down the avenues
sometimes unseen by the ego
and it is hard to know where
these souls come from
but it has come to be known as
the avenues of freedom
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PostSubject: Re: Some of my own poetries   Some of my own poetries Icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 4:10 pm


If you try to belittle someone else
that is free for you to do

It gets put it on special shelf
so the next time you look in a mirror
it'll come back to you
as a reflection of yourself.

If to be nice to all you choose
There is the same shelf
and the same mirror
One way you win (the latter)
The other way you lose.

It is your shelf and your mirror to choose.
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PostSubject: Re: Some of my own poetries   Some of my own poetries Icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2015 8:20 am

I felt a chill on a hot day
I am used to the cold so this was quite weird for me
Something appeared to me
She said “My name is Genevieve”
I said “I think I have heard of you
Who are you?”
“Oh just a ‘dead’ Catholic Saint”
“What have you to do with me, Genevieve,
I am not Catholic you know?”
“But you seek me May, from your own Spiritual
Realms, and it does not matter to me if it is Catholic,
or whatever it may be, think May, why have you sought me?”
So I said “Well it seems to me that it is you who sought me?”
Then she brandished a gun, and asked if I wanted her to shoot me
“What is that?” I asked
“A super teletransporter Ray gun, don’t you remember that time
That you met God, May?”
“Yes, but that was just in a dream”
“No May, that was in Heaven and ultimate reality”
Then she aimed the gun at me and said
“Ready to be transported?”
I said “Well, ok” and then she handed the gun to me
And said “Use it wisely, May!”
That crazy Genevieve!

In the night
before the day
I lie quietly

I seek no solace
I'm not lame
Life is beautiful
and just a game

I see this fire
within her eyes
that No one sees
but I.

Her soul's aglow
with purest flames
and I can't
help but smile

The mind of the awakened is clear and bright
as it thinks all day and it thinks all night
Letting the old thoughts go for the new ones to come
The asleep cannot go where the awakened have gone
(Step beyond)

~ Mayflow

Gonna find me a Songbird
Let Her sing me a song
For my Heart's been broken
For much too long

Gonna find me a Bluebird
In a Heaven of Blue
Because now I'm so happy
Now that I've found You!

Gonna find me a Starbird
circled by the Stars
Gonna find you All birds
No matter where you are!

All bird chorus:

Chirp chirp chirp - Chirp chirp chirp
You can find us here and you can find us there!
We are not so hard to find
for we are everywhere!

Chirp Chirp Chirp - Chirp Chirp Chirp

Let my Heart fly free
Don't let it be bound by anything

Watch how a River flows
Watch the clouds up in the sky

These are not rare occurances
in reality

The name of the song is called:
Aurora Borealis

Music by "When Lightning Stikes"
and lyrics by "By my side"

Reality Girl sings the chorus.

Very pretty song!
(If a bit "otherworldly")

Yeah, don't worry, you don't need to understand, for
it is purely sililoquy

I am an Introvert, ok?
How can anybody dare to do this? What was Devinci trying to prove? Really, seriously, you can't encapsulate another's smile, lest you try to wrest it from it's true Vibrancies? You can't do that to a vibrant soul, O you cannot keep it captive at all!

The white webs and tracelets
of the transient clouds,
The portion of the moon I see tonight-
It is so pretty quiet out here in the country

The clattering of the many minds
makes such a loud and clanging sound
I used to hate that sound,
but now I smile

It's different now and I am in a different world
I am not so quite sure what happenned
I think I was in an accident of some kind
and someone found me

It was an Angel I think
with such such beautiful wings
that it could make a
butterfly cringe with utter delight

Now, when I look around me I see clouds
and blue skies everywhere
and if I close my eyes
a million stars arise

There are jewels that glitter
and they really feel and care
As whirlwinds gather in Great Delight
On this stormy night

There are those watching
Snowfalls in the firelights, and those
who are watching fireflies
that are twinkling so really bright

In the vast multireaches of space and time
On this Beautiful night
A Lover's Prayer

I don't know where I will meet you again
Which life, which moment
Such mysteries to me

But I can't escape my hopes
and I won't run from my dreams
because I know some day, some way

That we will meet again, and then,
again, we will see that
which has always been

The Winds of Love

I love you more and more my darling
There's nothin' more that I can say
With every dawn I see you smiling
With every night you make my day

The Lightning strikes
so very close now
To my heart, dear,
Though you're many miles away

Thunder quakes my very soul, dear
And Rainbows tell me that it's right
And the hurricanes,
Their sweet winds do blow now

But it's my love for you, sweet honey
That simply blows my heart away...
Oh, Shadow found
My poor eyes
are filled with
purest delight

No frightful shadows
can fill my night
so much
as a shadow
with a soul

of purest light!

Silent within the mind is that one true flower
The birds sing at night, the moon grows dark
and the trees lose their bark
and the thinker becomes the knower

Minds are fully emancipated
And satiated are our true desires
and we all fly to freedom's pure shore
In pureness of love forevermore ...

By that one pure flower ...
Flower-Power! The Jewel, it is said
lies within the Heart of the Flower
When the thinker becomes the knower

Thanks. WE are lucky to live in a world with Flowers. They are really quite magical
you know. Not everybody really gets it. Sometimes too busy with everyday worries
and cares about things of the temporal nature to really fall in love with the wonderness
that surrounds us everywhere. Life is so vivid and sparkling, and so complexly intricated.
Flowers are much like people I think. Rooted in the Earth, nurtured by waters, living
in the air and warmed by sunshine. I don't know if they can think and dream like we can,
but I do know that we can.

For ten thousand years I roamed
Just to make this Earth my Home
For a million lifetimes I learned
That whatever we get, we've earned

Now I'm sittin' on the dock of a Bay
That so few else can see
and when I look into the skies
I know that I'm so Free

Just a sittin' on the dock of the Bay
That so Few now can see
Loving Time, Just Loving time
and what it has done for me

Flowers speak to me
They flow. They come and go
and their love is everywhere
for everyone

A Rose doesn't say "I bloom for only you!"
It just blooms, and those whose eyes are set
to see Beauty in everything
just see.

You are so bright; You light up my life
If I were a leaf, I would soak up your sunshine
If I were a tree, I would live from your soil
If I were a River I would imbed in your soul

If I were a cloud, I'd provide you shade and rain
and if I were a doctor I would take away your pains
If I were your lover, O! I would love you so!
and if could hold you, I would still let you go

You are my Heart, You are my Love
Because of you I exist - this is something I know
You are a part of me, maybe even all of me
I do hope you know that I really do love you so
She walks like an Angel walks
She talks like an Angel talks
She ruminates on the oddest things
and I know that she has wings

She is beautiful in an evening gown
but her eyes are like far away stars
that don't just light up men's eyes
but distant galaxies as well

Her Heart causes diamonds to shine
and Rubies to glow
Without her the Sun couldn't shine
and the moon couldn't glow

Yes, she walks like an Angel walks
and she talks like an Angel talks
and her Heart is always bright and aglow
but there is that one secret thing that I know

For the Universe whispers this into my distracted eyes
She is not really an Angel at all
but just a pure Goddess (in sweetest disguise)
and I am in Love with Her so

True Heart's Source

More and more I love you darling
More and more I love you true

My Heart is full of your pure sweetness
It exists because of you

My heart is like a flowing stream now
Riverbanks can't hold it's force

There is no mountain I can't move now
All of this because of you

The Sun will rise this morning
and the wind will blow it's course

But my Heart remains with You, Dear
You are my True Heart's Source

The sun arises this morning
it goes away sometimes
but arises again
I guess it's the same with flowers
and us human being as well?
I was born so young!
Now I grow and will
eventually decline
Will I rise again?

Some day far off
I know the Sun will
also decline
and I know that
I am different than this

I guess I am pretty
sure I am of an eternal
substance, and that even
most precious Diamonds
must envy me, and all the
others of us peoples as well
(if Diamonds could envy,
they would envy all of you and me
for the eternities we shine)

For we are not the flowers only
but we are the pure and pristine
essences of Flowerness it's very self

Hum Mane Padme Ohm -
The Jewel is in the heart of the Flower

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PostSubject: Re: Some of my own poetries   Some of my own poetries Icon_minitimeFri Dec 04, 2015 3:37 pm

... the extended version
love it!
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PostSubject: Re: Some of my own poetries   Some of my own poetries Icon_minitime

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Some of my own poetries
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