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 'A State Called Flow'

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PostSubject: 'A State Called Flow'   Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:38 am

'A State Called Flow'

The Experience Of Any Creative Endeavor. In my case A. Writing B. Public Speaking.

(1) If I even think a sad thought to pen to paper, i cry on the keyboards of the computer on each typed stroke.

(2) If excited my voice rises instantaneously to a higher pitch.

(3) If serious I speak deeply with as if thunder in my voice. It comes from a core, a deep depth of intuitive awareness or hyper consciousness. There is assured strength in speech, conviction even a power in my voice. I hypothesis in public when I have to speak some unconscious manifestation takes over.

(4) If excited and i lie on the bed talking on the phone and I hear a something which instills some excitement or the Eureka moment I literally will fly off the bed.

(5) If i recall a sad thought or memory and try to relay it to yet another, I get misty of eye, my voice will be slower in rate. I guess i gain the original emotive power
and feeling of the moment in time and i relive that very moment in time in all of these bodily manifestation. If I relay this (An emotional moment of time) to yet another my voice will soften relatively.

Another spectrum, is i can, "Imagine a closet filled with shoe boxes. In each box is a memory." I too may recall anger in time. This too shall be made manifest in voice.
But i can instantaneously pull out however and always retain a higher cognitive awareness. I'm aware of each thought, feeling and bodily movement.

(6) If recalling a sad time or event or am in empathetic attuned with anther human being I shall talk in slower rate in speech.

(7) When i am in a cognitive astute state and fully aware, this is to say non-depressive, "Imagine two parallel train tracks both empty. One is the cognitive track and here is where my Oratory gift manifests. The other track consists of empathy, compassion, feeling and memories. Here the voice softens.

(VII) I instantaneously in some unknown manner am able to switch from one track to the other and back yet again as the situation dictates. This transition is smooth, effortless unconscious and highly intuitive based on what i hear.

(9) My facial expressions match the emotion conveyed in the situation.

(10) "I've been accused of being Italian." I guess it's a stereotype but i am highly expressive with my hand movement. An emotion will affect my speech, voice inflection, hand movement, body movement, the rate of speech and the depth of my voice." LightSun
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PostSubject: Re: 'A State Called Flow'   Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:58 am

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'A State Called Flow'
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