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 Calculus is obsolescent

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Jonathan Ainsley Bain
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Calculus is obsolescent Empty
PostSubject: Calculus is obsolescent   Calculus is obsolescent Icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2015 3:26 pm

I was having a look at this guy:

... and reading his essay on time:

When I noticed that he ignores quantum time completely.
And this is the problem with most of calculus:
It is pencil-and-paper math which it would be generous
to say, is obsolescent.

It tries to deal with the infinite point idea, that is,
it uses such ideas as the perfect circle, and
therefore it is more backward than ancient Greeks
such as Zeno.

Zeno's paradox proves that time must be exist as quanta.

Here I prove this in a discussion of Zeno's Paradox in conjunction with Max Planck:

Now a real-time computer algorithm can only operate with quantum time,
precisely in the same way that the universe can only operate with quantum time.
Which is more than convenient.

What this proves, more than the notion that quantum gravity relies on quantum time:

...more than the solution to the many body problem:

...more than the dozen or so answers listed on this page:

But most importantly:

If a Theorist in physics, cannot program an effective real-time data model,
then he is essentially illiterate.

Pencil-and-paper maths like calculus is like philosophy without mathematics.
Its like ethics without religion.
Its like
so 20th century.

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Calculus is obsolescent
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