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 Das Energi

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PostSubject: Das Energi   Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:09 am

Das Energi

A series of verses by Paul Williams

Page 1

The only sin is self-hatred.
It is the act of negation
It is the opposite of faith
There is no such thing as evil
The concept is a crutch.
We will not heal until we throw away the crutch
To heal is to become healthier.
To become healthier is to enjoy a freer flow of energy.
It is the flow that gets us high.
To perceive something as "evil" is to imagine that
That object, that person, is not a part of me.
he is something else.
To perceive "evil" is to attempt to deny
that we are all one
We have a myth that relates to this.
The myth is God and Satan.
The fallen angel, Lucifer --
Cast out of heaven for disobeying God
God who is good. Lucifer who is not-good.
Not-God. Evil.
But who is God trying to kid?
God is All. There is nothing that is not God.
Lucifer is God. There is no distance
One can not fall from grace.
One can pretend, perhaps, that that brother over yonder

Page 2

is not me, he is something else, he is everything
that I cast out of myself - one can pretend
but not for long.
There is no way to cast out any part of one's self
Systems of energy contain no garbage. There is
no such thing as garbage
Dear God, the jig is up.
stop chasing your tail. Embrace your self.
Lucifer returns to Heaven!
Let there be dancing in the streets.

The only sin is self-hatred
We call it sin but it's true name is delusion
We have got to get ourselves back to the Garden
Easily done.
We are in the Garden.
Let us open our eyes.

Page 3

If you let go, something will happen.
Fear is always anticipation of the unknown.
Most human energy flow problems relate to
The inability to relax.
Fear of letting go.
If you let go, something will happen.
Fear of the unknown.
Rational mind :: wants to make a deal ::
first tell me what will happen,
and then I’ll let go.

F**k you.

No one ever knows what’s going to happen.
The future—next moment-------is unknowable-------unknown.
Rational mind won’t believe that.
He is afraid to.

Page 4

Sometimes it is enlightening to have a word for
God; sometimes it is blinding.
If you make a list of words for God,
you will have a list of all words.
You will not have God.
Energy flows through all things;
it rests in none of them.

Page 5

Guilt is a form of self-hatred.
Also self-indulgence.
No one benefits from your feeling guilty.
Except you ------- you use guilt to shield yourself
from the pain of awareness.
When you short-circuit your energy,
you cheat us all.
Then use that as excuse for further short-circuiting.
There is a way out of this trap.
Don't feel guilty.
Don't cop out.
Accept responsibility for your actions.
Do what's right.
Don't live in the past.
Learn from the past.
Do right in the present.

Page 6

What is right?
Right is what feels right.
Intuitive awareness.
You at this moment know exactly what’s right
for you to do at this moment.
No one else knows / no facts are relevant.
Think of yourself as a piece of equipment, if you like.
You are a human body with a human mind superimposed.
Through the subconscious of that mind you are linked with,
are a part of, have access to all human consciousness
Through your subconscious.
You are a sensitive instrument.
You are a physical, emotional, spiritual extension
of the whole human race.
You are an individual. A particular extension.
An extremity. You are defined by your own conception of
Through your subconscious, you have access to All.
You are a sensitive instrument.
At any given moment you can feel what’s right and do it.
It (feeling) requires no effort on your part.
It is what you were designed to do.
It is you.
No one else is the same person, and nowhere else is this
You are a piece of equipment.
Can you see a table, or hear a voice?
Then you can feel what’s right.

Page 7

You are God.

Page 8

Each man is an island
We are all one being.
Each man is an Island, alone, cut-off, distant, full
of the pain of that distance, reaching out every moment
to ease his loneliness, becoming ever more conscious of
his alone-ness, moving heaven and earth to fill that
empty place, that gnawing hunger, that bottomless pit
of the heart that is always deepest just at the moment
you think you’ve finally filled it. It is absurd,
it is unbearable, it is the force that keeps us going,
the destroyer of peace, the sole motivation, outward
urge, the source of all pain and joy, hope and despair,
hatred, love, the meaning of life.
We are all one being, cut off from our Self by oceans of
Distance, struggling for awareness but blinded by
Terror, desperate for peace but unable to rest.
Each man is an island.
Each island is an extension of the same damn planet.

Page 9

The past and the future are inevitable.
The past and the future do not exist.

Page 10

What is this word “efficiency”?
Sometimes it seems a close cousin to Death.
We are encouraged not to linger, not to enjoy life,
to hurry up and get it done so we’ll have time
for something else.
Something else?

Efficiency the destroyer, millions upon millions of
living dead, done in by the electric can-opener
and the automobile.
Progress is our most important product,
babies are our business,
time is money,
life is cheap.

Modern technology, modern business, the modern state
give us everything we need

except breathable air, drinkable water, edible food,
meaningful work, freedom from fear, freedom to love,
freedom to be ourselves, courage, pride, friendship,
The moral of the story is: don’t be in such a hurry.
Beware creeping efficiency.
Slow down and live.
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PostSubject: Re: Das Energi   Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:43 am

Page 11

Dear Abby:

If we merge into group consciousness and Unity,
one being, will I lose my individuality? I’ve had
it a long time and am rather attached to it.


Dear “Concerned”:

We already are one being. You are still an
individual, so clearly there’s nothing to worry about. In fact,
the more you are aware of and act like yourself, the
more valuable you are to the total creature. Unlike the
modern corporate/socialist state, which requires carbon-
copy invariant “individuals” in order for its computers
to predict and control social economic political events,
the living breathing organically-structured being that
inhabits this planet, that is now in the process of
becoming conscious of itself, has need of the greatest
possible diversity in its component parts. The more
divers an ecological system, the healthier it is. So
embrace your individuality, your self-ness. You have
nothing to lose but your credit cards.

Love, Abby

Page 12

Truth is what sounds right.
Beauty is what looks right.
Beware of symmetry.

Page 13

Beware means be aware.

Page 14

It is not possible to make a mistake.
In the beginning, God created all this stuff, then
put Adam and then Even in the middle of it, and
they could dig it all right. It was paradise. Then
God, who was no dummy, said “Look kids, I’ve got
Some business to take care of, have fun and do
whatever you feel like, but whatever you do, don’t
touch that tree over there.” So of course they did,
and God came back, threw a fit, tore up the lease
and threw them out.
So the story goes.
And it all rings true. Adam and Even, Mankind, ate of
the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
and lost their primal innocence, expanded their
awareness and they were on their way, they couldn’t
turn back, like all our actions their act was irrevocable.
But what is this bullshit about a religion based on
REGRETTING that move?
It isn’t possible to make a mistake, is it?

Page 15

We are God-----took us a long time to figure it out,
didn’t it?-------and it’s high time we stopped messing
around with this guilt crap and got down to business,
which is, I think, creating Heaven on Earth.
Let’s affirm our past and say goodbye to it and
get to work on the present.

Page 16

Why wait any longer for the world to begin?

Page 17

Vote with your life.
Vote yes.

Page 18

Each man creates himself.
Each of us creates himself anew at each moment.
Each of us creates himself and the world he lives in,
the world as it seems.
The world as it is.
Each of us is responsible for every aspect
of his creation.

Page 19

Each person’s needs are different.
Increasing awareness means increasing awareness
of this fact.
Increasing awareness of this fact means the dissolution
and collapse of all existing governments,
economic systems, educational systems,
conceptual systems.
So it goes.
Change is a constant.

Page 20

It isn’t what you know. Stop showing off.
Stop showing off. It isn’t what you do.
It’s what you are that matters.
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PostSubject: Re: Das Energi   Sat Jun 20, 2009 7:01 am

Page 21

Words contain no awareness.
They can only trigger awareness.
It does no good to try to impress a man
with some thought he can’t relate to.
But if you can make him realize the obvious,
that might change his life.

A few men realizing the obvious and communicating
with each other can create a chain-reaction.
There is nothing so potent as an idea whose time
has come.

By doing nothing more than realizing and accepting
the obvious, a man can change the world.

The world is constantly changing. It is constantly
being changed.

Page 22

The creature that lives on this planet, that now
begins to be conscious of himself as a creature,
is not merely the species man. He/she/it is the
sum, the continuity, of all life, bacterium and
mountain lion, dandelion and virus, octopus and
mushroom, maple tree and man.
Man alone is not God any more than
a brain in a jar is a man. Man alone is absurd,
a meaningless concept.
Life is divine.

Page 23

Life is a continuity. All things are related
All beings are interdependent. They cannot exist
without each other.
They do not exist without each other.

Page 24

Man is the only creature that poisons his own drinking
Obviously then the next stage for man is to become the
creature that restores and cares for his own drinking
And everyone else’s of course.
We’re all in this thing together.

Page 25

A person who competes is a person who does not know
who he is.
He is suffering from stifled awareness.
A person who feels jealous is a person who does not
know what he has.
He is suffering from stifled awareness.

The amazing thing is, it’s not that easy to stifle
It requires constant diligence.
You have to really work at it to be miserable.

Page 26

Possessiveness is a form of doubt.
People cling to what they (think they) have because
they doubt that they’re worthy of it.
If they knew their own worth, they’d know there is
no need to cling.

You can’t always get what you want.
But you get what you need.
And you always have more than you could want.
The wanting just gets in the way of enjoying
what you have.

Page 27

Acquisition is a greater pleasure than possession.
And since you get what you need, the easiest way
to acquire stuff is to give so freely of what you
have that you’re always in need.

Less stuff to carry around that way, too.

It is always a pleasure to participate in the flow
of energy.

Page 28

Participating in the energy flow is the
only satisfaction there is in life.

Page 29

High sex is pure energy flow.
Guilt is an inhibitor.
That’s why it is said that he cannot love,
who does not love himself.
Love is affirmation.

Page 30

Love is affirmation.
Jealousy, possessiveness are doubt.
Jealousy and possessiveness have nothing to do
with love
Every act of love should be cause for joy in
every person who is aware of it.

To be angered by the fact of love
is to be afraid of life.
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PostSubject: Re: Das Energi   Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:24 am

Page 31


Shame is the result of failing to do what one feels
is right; or it is a failure to have faith in one’s own
feelings in the face of social pressure.
To be ashamed is to judge oneself; one should
never judge oneself; one should never judge.
If you are doing what feels right to you, if you are
honest and forthright in your feelings, that is the
best you can do. If your friends and neighbors do not
understand, your responsibility is to continue to do right
until they do understand. To do less than this is to
back off from awareness.
If you are not doing what feels right to you, do not
be ashamed. Put all your energy into the effort to do

Page 32

I can’t.
That is what people love to say
I can’t.
It’s never true

Page 33

Hard work is relaxing. It’s as easy as falling off a log.
It’s a pleasure to make full use of one’s body.
It’s a pleasure to make full use of one’s mind.
Hard work is often a drag to anticipate.
Don’t anticipate, don’t do what you don’t need to do,
and you will never feel lazy.
It is a pleasure to be part of the energy flow.
A body or mind that is seldom in full motion
is a body or mind that can seldom fully rest.

Page 34

Those who fear anarchy and seek law and order should know
that all life is in perfect order and nature’s Law
is never broken…
It is only Man’s poor primitive structures that are in disarray.

Those who fear authority and seek personal freedom should
know that every living creature is free to follow his will and
that the only authority he need ever obey is vested in that will.

If you life lacks order, it is because you have not yet
accepted nature’s order, God’s order.

If you do not feel free, it is because you have not yet
declared your own freedom, you are waiting for it to be
given to you.

You will wait forever.

Page 35

Man, that creature who believes his purpose is to control
and conquer Nature, is just now beginning to remember
the obvious----that he is a part of Nature himself.

He has fought his way to the top of the planetary spinal cord,
inflicting damage every step of the way. Now, bewildered,
he looks around: What am I doing here?

Assuming responsibility, answers a still, small voice
all around him.

Page 36

Let us remember, our lives are but moments in the flow
of eternity..
And let us also remember that eternity is but a flow of lives
like ours.

Page 37

It’s all up to you.
You are completely responsible for your life.
You are the creator.
It’s an awesome burden and a great freedom.

It’s all up to you.
When you take responsibility for one life, you assume
responsibility for all life.
If you fail to take responsibility for your life, you
do not exist.
Tough, Isn’t it?

When you finally realize how really tough it is, when
you finally accept life, when you finally find there is
no way out but self-awareness and the incredible pain and
loneliness and responsibility it brings, then and only
then will you begin to be alive, and begin to know the
joy of freedom.

Page 38

You know what has to be done.
Why don’t you do it?

Page 39

Stamp out hesitation before it grows into fear.

Page 40

The nature of fear is that it feeds itself. Under proper conditions,
it feeds itself incredibly quickly. Reason is not fast enough to
stamp out fear. That is the mistake most of us make. Do not argue
with fear. Wipe it from your mind the instant you recognize it.
Practice. Become skilled at recognizing the earliest symptoms. The
only way to deal with fear is by reflex. Stop it. Wipe it out. Shoot first,
ask questions later.

Consider a tightrope-walker. The thought begins: what if I were to
get scared? What if I were to look down? The thought must be killed
at the first sound of “what if.” To wait any longer is to lose one’s
certainty, to lose one’s footing, to plunge. We are all tightrope-
walkers. We must learn that reflex to survive.
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