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 Poetry Central and poetry corner

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PostSubject: Poetry Central and poetry corner   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:50 pm

Right now I like all the stuff that is going on in Poetry corner, but I have some questions.

Would it be better to keep it as is or to limit each poster to only one topic? The benefits would be that it would be easier for them to find their own poems, Maybe? Right now, it is not a problem, but in the future as more poems get created it may become more difficult. I think it would be also easier for other members to find the poems of each participating other member's posts.

Another thing is that I do want to make a poetry central. It will be where the members can write their poetries and respond to one another's poetries in kind. Like, "Yes I like this" or "it reminds me of that" or here is a poem to respond to your poem and the like. I think to maybe create a reading room in the library for that. Does that sound good? The idea is if you want to look up your own poems or copy and use them elsewhere, it will be easy in poetry corner, but if you want to have and invite the interactions with others for mutually shared new inspirations, this can be done in the reading room as well, and it would be perfectly permissible to post the sames poems and or links or whatevers in both places.

Thoughts on these things are welcomed.
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Poetry Central and poetry corner
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